Saturday, November 24, 2012

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Harsh Times

David Ayer makes his directorial debut with this hard-hitting crime drama about two long time buddies roaming the streets of South Central Los Angeles. Christian Bale plays Jim Luther David, a hard-headed Gulf War veteran struggling to keep his memories from eating him alive. As a borderline psychotic, Jim has to keep the relentless rage concealed inside him from consuming the last ties to reality he has left. His childhood friend Mike Alonzo is played by Freddy Rodriguez. Mike plays the role of the protector, knowing that his buddy needs some support, he will do anything and everything he can to keep his best friend from going to jail or even worse. The loyalty between these two friends is unshakable and in the movie you will see just what this kind of brotherly bond will push a man to do. As they cruise the streets of LA, the two amigos set a goal for themselves to find employment; Mike to satisfy his girlfriend’s wishes, and Jim to import his Mexican bride-to-be. But, as you begin to realize throughout the movie, there isn’t much job hunting going on as these two trouble makers drink and get high while waiting for the inevitable trouble to find them. After dodging multiple run-ins with drug dealers, criminals, and dirty cops, Jim and Mike begin their search for employment. But when Jim receives news of his rejection from the LAPD application process, he concludes that he won’t be able to bring his girlfriend up from Mexico. And, when he is offered a job with the Department of Homeland Security, he realizes that his only chance of obtaining acceptable employment is to go back to his old ways, making him lose even more of a distinction between everyday life and the battlefield. This enters Jim into a downward spiral that threatens to take everyone around him along for the ride, tightening the noose around his neck until something inside him snaps…
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Monday, September 17, 2012

Training Day

TRAINING DAY stars Denzel Washington as Detective Sergeant Alonzo Harris, head of an elite unit of LAPD narcotics officers. Ethan Hawke co-stars as Jake Hoyt, a straight running by-the-book rookie who is anxious to prove himself as a moral cop. The movie begins with Alonzo telling the rookie that being a cop isn’t like what he sees on TV, that it takes a wolf to catch a wolf, and that he will have to adopt a new set of principles if he wants to survive on the streets. They then hop in Alonzo’s old school Monte Carlo and begin training. As they cruise the gritty streets of LA, they begin ‘training’ with insightfully convincing lessons on street justice, and before he knows it the rookie is smoking weed and beating up rapists on the street. Along the way you will notice singers such as Macy Gray, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg skillfully portraying different aspects of Los Angeles culture, from street dealers to dirty cops. Alonzo is a master of manipulation, displaying a mixture of trash talk, charm, and bullying to persuade Hoyt to violate every principle he has. But, things may not be what they seem as Alonzo’s hidden agenda becomes more apparent as the plot unfolds. Eventually, Jake realizes that he isn’t a fellow wolf but Alonzo’s prey and determines that only one of them can survive.
Here is a trailer for Training Day:

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 Director: David Ayer
David Ayer is an American screenwriter, film director, and film producer born in Champaign, Illinois in 1968. Known for his reputation for gritty crime thrillers, Ayer made his directorial debut with the movie Harsh times in 2005. He goes on to direct other movies of the same genre in Street Kings and End of Watch. But that wasn’t David Ayer’s first time getting his feet wet in the film industry. By then he was well known for his screenwriting talents in the movies Training Day and The Fast and The Furious, two pulse-pounding crime dramas set in the mean streets of Los Angeles. He also rewrote the screenplay for the submarine thriller U-571. David Ayer first got a feel for the unforgiving streets of LA after being kicked out of his parents’ house as a teenager and being forced to live with his cousin in south-central Los Angeles. In fact, this is where the talented screenwriter/director got most of his inspiration for portraying the sub-side of this violent community.


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